The Best Lawn Games for Outdoor Parties

Lawn games can help you entertain guests whenever you are hosting a tailgate, pool party, a BBQ, or a simple backyard get-together. Almost everyone knows how to play at least one lawn game. If any of your guests don’t, you can teach them quickly as most games can be learned quite easily. Through the use of many different lawn games, you can make sure that your outdoor parties entertain every guest who attends.

This article will introduce some of the most popular lawn games that exist today.

First is horseshoes. This is a game played between two individuals (or two groups of two people). It involves two stakes and four iron horseshoes. The stakes act as the targets. The players will take turns throwing horseshoes at the stakes, which are roughly 40 feet apart. Points will be awarded based on where they land. You can find official rules almost anywhere online.

Second is badminton. This is perhaps one of the most energetic yard games out there. Although it is a rare choice for formal cocktail parties, it is a top pick for casual gatherings. This game involves a shuttlecock, lightweight rackets and a net. It can be played by two or four people. It is similar to volleyball but with a smaller net and rackets.

Third is ladder golf, also called ladder toss. This fun game is very similar to cornhole. It is played by tossing bolas (two balls linked by a thin cord) at a small ladder. The ladders have three rungs and each rung is worth different points. Often, the top rung gives 1 point, the middle rung gives 2 points, and the bottom rung gives 3 points. The points will be tallied once all of the bolas are tossed. The first team to 21 wins the game.Fourth is croquet. This is a fun game where colored balls are hit with a mallet. The players use mallets to drive the balls through a set of wickets (also called hoops). This game is an oldie but goodie!

Fifth is volleyball. Although volleyball requires a bigger area than most other lawn games, it is easy to set up. It is a very old and popular backyard game. Players enjoy making perfect serves and powerful smashes. The beauty of this game is that many people can play at the same time.

Last is bocce. This game is similar to bowls (a popular game in Britain) and pétanque (a well-known ball game in France). Traditionally, bocce is played on well manicured grass courts. The balls used can be made of plastic or metal. Players typically toss the ball underhanded so they can be precise with every throw.

kid playing baggo outside

Listed above are just 6 of the many popular games that exist. All of these are incredibly fun and can be seen at backyard and lawn parties across the nation. For every game listed above, you can find official rules and playing equipment at a number of different stores and websites.

So, the next time you are planning a party and want to incorporate some fun, try one of the fun party games mentioned above. If you are looking for other lawn games like cornhole, click here. You can view a ton of these and more at,,, and a few others! All of these sites offer tons of fun party games that the entire family can enjoy.