Tailgate Beer Pong

Two things scream football weekend in America. They are tailgating and the post-game party. Whether preparing to face the home team rival or simply celebrating a home game, I can help you out!

Serious football fanatics know the tailgate is a special part of the fan-day weekend and the game day atmosphere. Often, it’s the tailgaters that help add to the notoriety of the team. They bring a festive look to the broadcast experience of the game. It’s the tailgaters who give the broadcasters a dimension of how important the game is, and how the team supporters feel about their club. Something they (broadcasters) use to share with viewers at home and those who one day want to try tailgating themselves. For this reason, especially in college sports, the tailgaters are featured almost as much as the game itself. This, though often, is just the pregame or a halftime celebration.

The other integral part is the post-game celebration. Many times, especially for the winning team, the party lasts into the night. Usually attending, those who either went in the game or just want to celebrate the winning team. Throughout the evening, the game is discussed and enjoyed thoroughly. The night usually doesn’t end without a new game beginning, beer pong. A simple game that turns a winning celebration into a much more memorable evening. All you need is a few cups, some beer, a good table and a ball. All things I’m sure you already brought to the tailgate.

Rules of Tailgate Beer Pong

Playing beer pong is always a fun experience. However, one aspect of the game is infamous – the rules. In the spirit of the game, the rules aren’t standardized. You could play three different beer pong games at three different parties and play by different rules.

For the most part, these rules are minor changes. For instance, a popular rule for beer pong is to drink two cups if both of the opposing team’s balls land in the same cup. Sometimes, if both balls land in the same cup, the team that threw or bounced the balls has to drink two cups.

These minor changes don’t have a huge impact on the game. They are only annoying when they aren’t settled upon beforehand. However, some people want to take things a step further. They want to make their own crazy beer pong rules.

playing beer pong at a tailgate

Making up your own rules can be fun. It can make the game more memorable. However, there are definitely some cons. First off, the new rules can create discrepancies which can cause a lot of arguing. Secondly, the rules can be confusing. Time spent playing is spent explaining the complicated rules. Lastly, they can frustrate newcomers. Nobody wants to be confused or look like a newbie. Therefore, they will be less likely to participate.

While there are definitely some cons, they can be overcome by a thorough explanation of the rules beforehand. We believe that if the new rules make the game significantly more fun, then you should go for it. The pros seem to outweigh the cons. Expect to have a memorable night. If you play fairly regularly, you definitely need to devise your own set of party rules!

Tailgate Pong Tables

One of the most important things to consider when playing a game of tailgate pong is the table you use. Many different tables can be used to play, but in order to ensure a perfect setup and game play, you should invest in an official beer pong table. The regulation beer pong table dimensions are 8ft long by 2ft wide and about 30 inches off the ground. They are extremely portable and come in many different designs.

Using one of these tables will allow you to have an authentic game of pong at your next tailgate without having to take up too much storage space in the car. I know of at least 10 different companies that sell products like this so message me if you want to get your own table today! Better yet, if you view my page on football tailgating I will tell you exactly how you can use your sweet new table.