Spring Break is Coming

Even though we are approaching winter, it is never too early to think about Spring Break! As spring break rolls around, a popular destination is the Bahamas. The Bahamas is great for the all-inclusive option. Students can enjoy the sun, perfect sand, dancing, music, drinks and the Caribbean culture. At a typical spring break, you will find students lounging on the beach or hanging out in the water during the day. By nightfall, the party has begun. The nightclubs become incredibly popular as they are jam packed the entire month of Spring Break!

Part of the reason why you should consider the Bahamas is because of the cost. The Bahamas is an inexpensive location, perfect for a student’s wallet. To get the most for your money, you will want to stay at an all-inclusive hotel or resort. Students will benefit because it includes beautiful accommodations, various types of meals and all types of beverages: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You get all of this for one “all in” cost. All inclusive is so popular that it is now the norm for any Spring Break destination.

Prices for hotels and resorts depend on where they are. Since people want to travel to the tropical areas, hotels will set prices that individuals can afford, which brings in more business. You will be shocked to learn just how cheap it is to stay in the Bahamas. The only hassle is getting there as flights can be somewhat expensive.

Depending on which hotel or resort you choose, some will feature stores, restaurants and a variety of other accommodations. Nightclubs and spas have become very popular amenities at ta variety of resorts in the Bahamas. This is why an all-inclusive is a great choice. This way, you won’t have to go out and spend more money. Students will also enjoy the beach volleyball, tennis, wake-boarding, paddle-boards and many other activities that their hotel may have to offer. All of this helps to make Spring Break a hassle free trip! Staying on hotel grounds also keeps you safe as some topical destinations have rough areas that American’s are told to stay away from.

The cities in the Bahamas are beautiful and a perfect destination for those heading off for spring break. The top cities students travel to are Freeport and Nassau. They have a variety of hotels and resorts that will easily fit your spring break plans and budget. Both cities are known for their flawless beaches, hospitable people, and amazing activities all day. We have never encountered a person who went to the Bahamas and did not like the views and scenery. It really is a tropical paradise!

girls dancing on the beach

So remember, an all-inclusive trip to Freeport or Nassau will allow you to swim with the dolphins, go snorkeling, diving, or kayaking and take part in a popular nightlife scene. Both locations offer gorgeous blue-green waters, great shops and an enjoyable time for all. Next time you are getting ready to discuss your college vacations plan, definitely consider a trip to the Bahamas! If you would like some more info, check out the official homepage of the Bahamas.