Some Cool Tailgating Tips

What is the one thing that all fans think about during a game other than the game itself? It’s the partying that takes place before the game. These festivities are commonly referred to as tailgate parties. This is because they usually happen in the stadium parking lot, on the tailgates of vehicles that were driven to the game. Don’t be fooled, you don’t need a pickup or SUV to have a tailgate party. You just need a lot of enthusiasm and a few friends. If you’re going to one of these parties before the game (or even after), here are a few thing you should keep in mind.

Great Tailgating Tips to Consider

Show up early
This will give you time to set up and get everything going before you head in to watch the actual game. You should allow yourself at least three or four hours for a good party. If the party before the game wasn’t enough for you, you can always come back afterwards and pick up right where you left off.

Be sure to find a good parking spot
This doesn’t have to be close to the stadium entrance. In fact, it might be better to find a spot at the edge of the parking lot, especially if there is plenty of space to set-up. This will allow your party to spread out farther than just a couple of adjacent parking spots. If such a spot is not available, consider carpooling with a couple of friends. Multiple vehicles parking together ensures that you will have ample space for your tailgate.

Always know the rules
This goes for the rules of the game as well as the stadium and its surrounding area(s). Some parking lots may charge for the best spots. It would be wise to figure out potential parking fees when working out a budget for your party. If the event is a college game, make sure they allow alcohol at the location. Some campuses are dry and it would be a good idea to know before hand.

Work out the details beforehand
Get together with your friends and whoever else you plan on inviting and work out the details of the party. Make lists of what you are planning to bring and serve. Plenty of prior planning prevents a poor party. Pack as much as you can the day before the event. This will give you plenty of time to double check to be sure you’re not forgetting anything. In the event that something is forgotten, be sure to write it down so you don’t forget it next time!

Leave yourself time to cleanup
Don’t forget to leave yourself time to clean up after the party. If your party is pre-game, give yourself at least an hour to get the area cleaned up before heading into the stadium. This means bagging up your trash, packing away any leftovers, and most importantly, making sure your cooking surface has cooled down. If you are using a charcoal grill, bringing a metal bucket to dump the coals in is a good idea. You can also use the melted ice from your coolers to make sure the coals are completely out. If you plan on continuing the party post game, you may have a bit more time. But, remember to check and find out whether or not the parking lot has a closing time.

Tailgate Like a Professional With These Tips

Remember to keep these things in mind when planning your next party. They could help save the day and maybe even get you invited back to the next one! If you plan accordingly, you will more than likely execute properly. This will allow you to provide a fun and exciting time for all, but more importantly a safe time for everyone you party with. Until next time, happy tailgating! I also wanted to share this video with you to give you even more tips!