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Welcome to my blog! As an avid Seahawks and Oregon Ducks fan (Odd mix I know), I wanted to create a site to share my experiences with all of you. I am a Seattle native and have been in love with football, both college and NFL since I was a young boy. I have always loved the Seattle Seahawks and grew up an Oregon Ducks fan as that is where my father went to school.

people tailgating before a game
Through my life and travels, I have actually discovered many things about NFL and NCAA organizations and also their supporters! I am avid tailgater and am interested in sharing what I have been through and some awesome products I use to tailgate before nearly every Seahawks and Ducks games. Please click the contact me page above if you have any questions or would like to learn more about anything I write about on this blog. Enjoy!

Tailgate Parties in Seattle

Tailgate partying, which started in the states is a social event linked primarily to NFL and college football, where people get together to live it up before the game. There is not a professional arena in the nation that lacks a lot of pre-game parties. Each and every arena is thriving with activity just before every single game. The exact same goes for every single NCAA football stadium too!

These affairs are usually held outside of the arena with tons of people, lots of chairs and also tents to cater to everyone. Parking lots at arenas and stadiums provide the best place for these events. If you have never been to one, you will truly be amazed the first time you see everyone enjoying themselves together.

I love all of the tailgating festivities that take place before my Seahawks play. Nearly every Sunday, I venture out to CenturyLink Field hours before the big game to prepare. I have a ton of family members and friends that all come and enjoy eating, drinking and playing party games before we go in to watch our Seattle Seahawks dominate!

Fun Tailgate Party Games

Whenever people get together to tailgate, there is always drinking and of course drinking games involved. One of the most popular games to play is beer pong, as it is incredibly easy, fun and can be enjoyed by all. I have become a beer pong champion over the last number of years. I am also a dedicated cornhole player as well as ladder toss and a variety of other games.

I will periodically post on this blog about cool products that I have come across and used, like beer pong tables, cornhole games and other tailgate toss games that have grown in popularity. For all of you dedicated fans out there, I will post some links to stores that I use so you can get your own. I even have places to find all of these great products with your favorite team logos on them!

Contact Me About Tailgating

Like I said before, I have been tailgating my entire life. I am just now sitting down to write about it and share my experiences with all of you. I want each and everyone who reads this blog to get involved, support their team and have a great time while doing it!

Thanks in advance for checking out my site and let me know if you have any questions that I may be able to help you with! In the meantime, check out this phenomenal video on tailgating in Seattle.