Gear Up For Summer Party Season

Even though the typical weather pattern in Seattle is relatively warm and rainy, it is still worth it to get excited about summer, which is really not too far away! Once the weather starts warming up, it is a great time to start planning events and parties. Summer is a great time to host a backyard BBQ and now is the time to start preparing! To make sure you are ready for all that summer partying has to offer, here are some basic tips.

First, make sure to plan accordingly and send out all invitations beforehand. If you plan properly, you can have everything set-up and ready to go days before the actual party. Also, with peoples busy schedules and lives, it is best to let everyone know ahead of time so they confirm and add the event to their calendar.

Second, make sure you pay close attention to the food and drinks as this could make or break your event. A backyard BBQ is a great time to try out that new dish you’ve been cooking. You need to make sure that there is enough food and food that will please everyone. Hamburgers and dogs are great for the kids, while chicken and steak are awesome for the adults. Side dishes are always fan favorites too. More importantly, you need have an adequate supply of water, soft drinks and of course alcohol. Beer, liquor, wine and anything else you can think of will help spice up any backyard event!

family party at the table
Third, make sure you set up some outdoor speakers, or get that wireless speaker charged. People love to listen to music. Backyard parties are great when you have a bunch of people sitting around a table with light music, some beverages, food and great conversation. You will be amazed at how much people will enjoy themselves with a little ambient music in the background.

Fourth and most importantly is the party games! If you have a pool, you can get a mini basketball hoop or some other fun aquatic games. If you have a decent sized backyard, you should look into getting a custom cornhole set here, as cornhole is one of the most popular back yard games in the world. You can also look into a portable beer pong table, inflatable beer pong table, ladder golf set and many more. Summer parties just aren’t the same without some drinking games! Introduce a couple at your event and your party will be a huge hit.

Even though it will be a while until the warmer months, it is never too early to start planning and preparing. These 4 basic tips above will help you become a backyard party master and entertain your friends, all summer long.