Fun Card Games For Your Next Tailgate Party

Besides the obvious fun games like beer pong and bean bag toss that people play at tailgate and backyard parties, there are a variety of other fun games that you can introduce to differentiate your tailgate from the rest. If you have ever been to a football tailgate, you were probably overwhelmed with the abundant supply of booze, food, drinking games and overall debauchery that took place. If this was all a little too much for you, consider some mild card games to entertain those less interested in binge drinking.

playing party games outside

A lot of people like to play card games to relax, kill time, or to bet against each other. These are all fun ways to enjoy yourself but there are also some great card drinking games to make parties more interesting without going overboard. Here are some cool games that are quite popular at many college and frat parties as well as a variety of football and soccer tailgate parties.

The Up and Down the River game uses two decks of cards. A dealer gives players four cards each and places them face-up on the table. He will then draw another card from the deck and whoever has the same card is required to drink. If the player has more than one card, he will have to drink the same amount. To make the game more challenging, the amount of drinks consumed is doubled for each card in every succeeding round. A player with a combination of all four cards can give away four drinks, meaning he can tell four people to take a drink! When all the cards have been dealt, the game starts again with a new player designated as dealer.

The King’s Cup is a more exciting card game because it requires anyone and everyone to drink. To set it up, you will have to place an empty glass in the middle of the table and spread a deck of cards around it, facing down. Players will hold a cup of beer or any type of alcohol and sit or stand around the table. The first player will draw a card and do the following:

If you draw an Ace, all players must drink.

If you draw a 2, you can ask somebody else in the group to drink.

If you draw a 3, you must drink all the contents from your cup.

If you draw a 4, only the boys will drink.

If you draw a 5, only the girls will drink.

If you draw a 6, everyone must raise their cups. The last one to do so
will have to drink.

If you draw a 7, everyone must point their cups to the floor. The last one to do so will have to drink.

If you draw an 8, the player next to you must take a drink.

If you draw a 9, two other players of your choice should drink with you.

If you draw a 10, you can ask one player to dance while drinking.

If you draw a Jack, you can make any rule.

If you draw a Queen, you can pour additional alcohol in the center glass.

If you draw a King, you must drink the contents of the center glass.

This game has a lot of rules, but can be very fun as it gets everyone involved. This would be the best game to start with if you have a large tailgate as you can make sure that everyone who wants to play will get to.

These are just two of the many card games you can add to your party to liven it up and entertain everyone. Traditional drinking games like beer pong and bags are always encouraged, but introducing cards will be sure add some spice and variety to your traditional tailgating events!