Football Tailgating

Once football season is upon us, fans of Thursday night, Saturday and even Sunday games will be looking forward to getting to their big game early to tailgate. Every NFL and NCAA team has dedicated fans who spend hours before each game living it up with others to support their team.

tailgate party before the game

Tailgating is much more than just eating and drinking! Serious tailgaters show up with all of the crazy gear and equipment. These fans are the life of every party!

Those of us who are not fortunate enough to afford these luxuries have to dial it back it a bit, but this does not mean we cannot have a good time. For all of you not so avid tailgaters out there, here are some great tips to spice up your next event.

Tips for Tailgating

First and foremost, you should always get there early. You can plan on getting there a few hours before kickoff so you can eat, have fun and cleanup with time to get inside for the game.

Prep ahead of time. You can save some time by marinating meats, prepping condiments and toppings and have all of your beverages and foods ready to go. You can also label your coolers so you know which one has the adult beverages in it. This is good to separate drinks from food and to keep the kids out of the adult cooler!

Make sure to bring a bunch of tailgating games and accessories. My favorite is beer pong, and I always come prepared with my custom beer pong table that has Seattle Seahawks logos and graphics all over it. These tables are all super portable and fold up easily so you can store them and bring them anywhere. I also have a couple of Seahawks cornhole boards I bring for anyone who wants to take part in a bean bag toss game. The main reason most people go to tailgates is to drink, have fun and of course play drinking games.

Tailgating Rules

Although there are no official rules for tailgating, I wanted to make sure that I share a few of mine so that you don’t get yourself into any trouble. Make sure you don’t overdo it with the alcohol as you can get sick, arrested or both if you are not careful. Everything in moderation! Also, make sure you always have a good time with your friends, stay safe and don’t drink and drive. You will always have a blast supporting your favorite team if you do it the right way!

Thanks for reading and be sure to reach out if you would like any more tips or information as I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to these types of parties. Also, I have included another video about Seattle tailgating because I love the Seahawks so much! You can also check out my page on tailgate beer pong.