Bring Your Dog to The Next Tailgate

Everybody loves to take their dog to their tailgate, but there are several simple ways to ensure that the situation is safe for your pet, and the people that it might encounter.

If you have an animal that you think has the personality to do well in the overwhelming environment of a tailgate, there are several things that you must plan for before bringing your furry friend to the parking-lot party.

First, do not forget to pack food and drinks for your pet, as well as yourselves. Many tailgaters often forget food and water for their animals and are forced to feed them from the selection of human foods that were packed. Even if your dog often partakes in scraps from your table, the sheer quantity of greasy food that it might consume over the course of the tailgate is enough to make it sick. The last thing that you want to spend your time cleaning when you should be cheering for your team is a pile of dog vomit in the middle of a high-traffic area.

puppy at the tailgate party

Water, and a bowl, might be the most common item that pet owners forget when preparing for a tailgate. Yes, your pet needs a bowl for their water. Lapping occasionally out of a water bottle will not keep your dog hydrated. Dehydration is extremely common in animals taken on day-trips, especially during days of extreme hot or cold weather.

Clean-up baggies are the next item that many owners forget. If your pet needs to relieve themselves, you need to clean it up. Nothing starts a tailgate brawl faster than an angry rival that just stepped in your dog’s mess. Keeping the tailgating space clean is beneficial to all of the people that are trying to enjoy their parties.
Finally, keep your pet on a leash. Even if your dog is normally the prime example of responsive training, a tailgate can be a hotbed of temptation. Food, trash, crowds, and other animals might be enough excitement to draw your pet away from your side. Searching for a missing dog at a packed tailgate is a task that is best to be avoided at all costs.

Overall, bringing your furry buddy with you during your party extravagance can be an awesome experience. Dogs often thrive on the excitement and attention that they get in large crowds of people. Just be sure that you are fully prepared before bringing a pet to a tailgate. Keep their safety and health at the forefront of your mind as you pack so that you can both enjoy a high-energy day!

Alcoholic Pudding – A New Tailgate Treat

Regulars to the party scene are familiar with Jell-O shots and the convenience that they provide in terms of easy distribution and travel durability. However, there is a lesser-known relative of the Jell-O shot that can pack just as much punch with twice the fun. Introducing the pudding shot!

Pudding shots are often prepared with the same conceptualization as a Jell-O shot. A portion, usually half, of the recipe’s water is replaced with liquor. Once cooled, they have a smoother, creamier texture than the Jell-O shot and also tend to have a less astringent taste. This makes it an excellent choice for drinkers who do not prefer a strong alcohol profile. The only downside is that they do require more refrigeration than the Jell-O and therefore need to remain cool throughout the party. Placing them on ice is more than enough of a temperature reduction to allow the pudding to maintain its thick texture.

While Jell-O shots are traditionally replaced with Vodka, or other clear liquors whose taste will be masked by the fruity flavor, pudding shots are often designed to enhance the flavor of the alcohol. For example, butterscotch flavored pudding with Kahlua or a crème liquor makes a delightful treat. Flavored vodkas, most notably caramel or cherry, with chocolate or vanilla pudding can create a multi-layers flavor palette that is sure to please your guests.

shot glasses filled with pudding

Like Jell-O shots, dollops of the alcoholic pudding can be placed in disposable condiment containers (with lid). They can then be consumed by squeezing the contents from the cup, or with small dessert spoons.

Additionally, alcoholic pudding goes the extra mile in a way that raises this party pleaser above its competition. This sweet treat can be used in many of the same ways as traditional pudding. This means that it can be drizzled over brownies and other desserts. Crumbled Oreos, pretzels, or brownie bits can be added to the mix so that the desserts are both rich, and potent. With alcoholic pudding, even your menu can pack a punch.

If you are looking for something new, and exciting, to keep your guests impressed with your use and knowledge of alcohol preparation, look no further. Try pudding shots for your next event and discover a delectable treat that can be enjoyed as a dessert and a shot.

Fun Card Games For Your Next Tailgate Party

Besides the obvious fun games like beer pong and bean bag toss that people play at tailgate and backyard parties, there are a variety of other fun games that you can introduce to differentiate your tailgate from the rest. If you have ever been to a football tailgate, you were probably overwhelmed with the abundant supply of booze, food, drinking games and overall debauchery that took place. If this was all a little too much for you, consider some mild card games to entertain those less interested in binge drinking.

playing party games outside

A lot of people like to play card games to relax, kill time, or to bet against each other. These are all fun ways to enjoy yourself but there are also some great card drinking games to make parties more interesting without going overboard. Here are some cool games that are quite popular at many college and frat parties as well as a variety of football and soccer tailgate parties.

The Up and Down the River game uses two decks of cards. A dealer gives players four cards each and places them face-up on the table. He will then draw another card from the deck and whoever has the same card is required to drink. If the player has more than one card, he will have to drink the same amount. To make the game more challenging, the amount of drinks consumed is doubled for each card in every succeeding round. A player with a combination of all four cards can give away four drinks, meaning he can tell four people to take a drink! When all the cards have been dealt, the game starts again with a new player designated as dealer.

The King’s Cup is a more exciting card game because it requires anyone and everyone to drink. To set it up, you will have to place an empty glass in the middle of the table and spread a deck of cards around it, facing down. Players will hold a cup of beer or any type of alcohol and sit or stand around the table. The first player will draw a card and do the following:

If you draw an Ace, all players must drink.

If you draw a 2, you can ask somebody else in the group to drink.

If you draw a 3, you must drink all the contents from your cup.

If you draw a 4, only the boys will drink.

If you draw a 5, only the girls will drink.

If you draw a 6, everyone must raise their cups. The last one to do so
will have to drink.

If you draw a 7, everyone must point their cups to the floor. The last one to do so will have to drink.

If you draw an 8, the player next to you must take a drink.

If you draw a 9, two other players of your choice should drink with you.

If you draw a 10, you can ask one player to dance while drinking.

If you draw a Jack, you can make any rule.

If you draw a Queen, you can pour additional alcohol in the center glass.

If you draw a King, you must drink the contents of the center glass.

This game has a lot of rules, but can be very fun as it gets everyone involved. This would be the best game to start with if you have a large tailgate as you can make sure that everyone who wants to play will get to.

These are just two of the many card games you can add to your party to liven it up and entertain everyone. Traditional drinking games like beer pong and bags are always encouraged, but introducing cards will be sure add some spice and variety to your traditional tailgating events!

Learn How To Throw a Football

If you haven’t already noticed, I am in love with everything tailgating. One of the main reasons I love it so much is because of all the fun games that take place. There are plenty of drinking games like beer pong and cornhole, but you will also see a number of non-alcoholic games. American football is arguably the most popular sport in the world, attracting millions of viewers and party goers every Monday, Thursday and Sunday. With 32 different NFL teams, there are so many loyal fans out there. Because of this, one of my favorite things to do at my parties is play a fun game of pickup football.

The great thing about playing a pickup game is that there are not too many standard rules. You basically agree on how to play with whoever you are playing with and then just have a nice leisurely game. One of the interesting things about this is that although it seems easy, most people don’t really know the proper way to throw a football. This is a skill that every man should have and this article will help those who don’t have a clue.

How to Properly Throw a Football

tom brady throwing a football
Less people now-a-days know how to correctly throw a football. If this is you this likely isn’t your fault. Maybe you weren’t into athletics when you were younger or no one ever taught you. Whether you actually play football or not, throwing one is an essential skill that every man should possess. Especially if you love to tailgate. Here are a two great reasons why you should learn how to throw a football:

First, you will enjoy your tailgates much more. If you go to tailgates regularly, you’ve probably seen guys throwing a ball around. When you learn how to throw a football, well, you can join in on the fun. Having a catch is a good way to immerse yourself in the environment and make some new friends. It will also allow you to be the quarterback in your next pickup game!

There will probably be a time when you need to throw a football to someone. If your technique is poor, you will look foolish and quite unmanly. When you learn how to throw a football, you won’t have to worry about any of this embarrassment!

Second, to play football. Pick-up football games are common at many American social events. Even if you’re not the quarterback, you will likely have to throw the ball at some point. When you learn how to throw a football properly, you can join in on the fun and never look back.

If You Still Need Help Learning to Throw

Fortunately for you, learning the proper technique is simple thanks to the internet. You can Google “how to throw a football” and practice the methods that are demonstrated on multiple websites. It doesn’t take long learn the proper ways to do this.

I am happy to offer some more information if you need it, otherwise, you can view this cool video that may be able to teach you how to toss.