The Key to Awesome Pool Parties: Preparation

If you are fortunate enough to own your own pool, or live in a complex where this is one, you already have the most important ingredient to host a pool party. Obviously, there is a big more to it than just the physical pool, but you cannot host one without it! This great article will teach you all about the most important part of planning any event, which is preparation.

By nature, pool parties are extremely casual, so no formal invitations are required. However, if you are trying to host an elegant event, that will definitely add a nice personal touch. At the very least, a nice text message or email to all of your friends is a great way to hype it up. If you have a large enough area to entertain a lot of people, invite anyone and everyone you can think of.
Once you have a general idea of who will be attending, you can then decide on the food, drinks, toys and party games to supply. One of the best things you can do is get the barbecue grill out and prepare some great food for everyone in attendance. Grilling is the most popular method for cooking food at any backyard or outdoor party, so pool parties are no exception.

You will need to plan and budget accordingly for all of the food and booze, as you do not want to purchase a lot when you only have a small crowd coming over. At the same time, you don’t want to be stingy and only purchase a little bit of each when you are planning on having a lot of people over. If you get an idea of the headcount beforehand, you can easily budget for the correct amount of food, booze and other necessities.

Another important thing to note is that you will want to create a cooking schedule ahead of time. This way, you can make sure that you prepare food in a timely manner and can feed everyone when they want to eat. Prepare as much as you can in advance. You can skewer and marinate any meats, slice hamburger buns and toss the salads and Cole slaw. This is a simple way to alleviate any additional stress when the day of the party arrives.

If you are on a tight budget or are not hosting a huge event, you can throw a pool party without serving a meal. If you do this, make sure there are plenty of snacks on hand to keep all of your guests fueled for fun. You will definitely want to make sure there are plenty of hydrating drinks in addition to alcohol. People love to booze and have a good time, but they also need to hydrate. If you are really on a budget, you can get your own inflatable beer pong table for less than $50 and have your friends play beer pong in the pool all day long. People will enjoy coming to your parties if you have fun party games, good snacks and a decent supply of booze.

Remember, you do not have to overthink the pool party. A sunny day, some snacks and beverages and good company will make a memorable event. Regardless of how much you want to plan, preparing ahead of time will allow you to enjoy your party that much more. This means you will get to dive right in and get wet!

Great Summer Party Tips

School is almost out which means summertime is quickly approaching. This means one important thing; lots of outdoor parties are about to take place. People who love to entertain will tell you they try to have at least 3-4 casual backyard parties with close friends and family every summer. If you are thinking about entertaining this upcoming summer, here some important things to pay attention to.

The first thing you should always take into consideration is what you will do if there is inclement weather. Many people like to set up tents, awnings or have cover and shelter outside their homes. This is especially crucial if you live in an area where it rains frequently. Partying outdoors is awesome, but only if you have shelter if the weather changes. You can even buy blowup canopies and tents that make set-up a breeze. These are also great to provide shelter from the hot sun.

Another great tip is to offer a cooling station, a table that is specifically set up help people cool off. You could have cold towels on ice, a variety of cold beverages and some fans. This will help everyone stay cool and have a chance to get out of the sun. Partying outdoors is great, but you need to be careful of things like sun burn and sun poisoning as they can ruin any event. You also want to make sure everyone stays hydrated as the sun is very powerful and can your body of fluids very quickly.

It is also imperative to have some sort of bug and insect repellent. No matter where you live, there are always pesky bugs in the summer time. Mosquitoes are the worst as they can carry bacteria and viruses. You can easily get some citronella candles, some gas bombs or other types of spray repellents to keep everyone bug free. Make sure to keep all of your food covered so you can keep the bugs away from it. Insect bites and insects on your food can make or break your party.

The most important tip to operating a successful party is to plan ahead of time. Get a head count of how many people you think will be coming. This will give you enough time to get the right amount of food and beverages. It will also let you know how many people you will have to cater to and entertain. This way, you can prepare dishes prior to the event and keep your party stress free. You should be prepared for every possible scenario so you can focus on entertaining your guests.

Be mindful of the tips mentioned above and you will be able to entertain your friends for years to come. Summertime is almost here, so gear up and prepare to start throwing your own backyard parties. You will be amazed at how much your friends will love coming to your house to party.

Great Beer Pong Tips and Tricks

Beer pong as become one of the most popular drinking games in the world. It is a very common college drinking game played at fraternity parties and all other types of party events. The game was said to have started in the 1950’s and has increased in popularity both on and off college campus around the world. It can be a challenging game, but you follow these basic rules, you can develop your skills and learn to be a master.

guy throwing a beer pong ball

Typically, a game of pong starts with 6 or 10 cups arranged in a triangle on either side of the table. There are usually two teams of two players. Each team takes turns tossing or bouncing a ping pong ball at the opposing cups. When a ball lands in a cup, a defending player will drink the contents of that cup and remove it from the table. A team wins when they make all of the cups on the other side of the table.

One great tip in this game is to collaborate with your partner on a round of “rapid fire” shots. The defenders will need to be alert as balls will be flying in their direction. If both balls land in the same cup, it is automatically game over. So, the defenders need to be aware and remove a cup as soon as a ball lands in it. If the balls land in two separate cups, the team that threw the balls gets them back and gets another turn.

Another great idea is to utilize the bounce shot. Typical beer pong rules allow defenders to swap and deflect balls that have made contact with the table before going in the cups. Because of this rule, bounce shots are not always used during the game. Since they are easier to guard, successful bounce shots mean 2 cups get eliminated from the table. If the shooter is aware of a distracted defender, this is the perfect time to bounce.

Another idea is to utilize the bounce shot. Generally, beer pong rules allow defenders to deflect balls that have made contact with the table, cup, or other surfaces in playing areas. Due to this rule, bounce shots are not always used during the game. Since they are easier to guard, successful bounce shots require each defender to remove a cup to drink. If a shooter is aware the defender is distracted, bounce shots a great choice to try and remove two cups!

In case you haven’t noticed, you need to always be on alert. The effects of drinking beer becoming increasingly noticeable as the game drags on. Coordinating with your partner to know who is watching the cups will lower the probability of someone bouncing on you. This will also prevent spilled cups and missed deflections. Pay attention to the game and you will all set,

The last tip is to be smart about re-racking. This is realignment of cups after some are eliminated. Depending on what rules you are using, there are a variety of racks that each team is allowed during game play. A good trick is re-rack cups somewhat to the right or left of center, as this makes it visually harder for your opponents to make a shot.

Pay close attention to the tips mentioned above and you could be a beer pong master in no time. It is a fascinating game that has gained worldwide popularity over the last number of years. It is a staple of the American party scene and can been seen at parties, tailgates and BBQ’s across the country. The best thing about this game is that it is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future!

Spring Break is Coming

Even though we are approaching winter, it is never too early to think about Spring Break! As spring break rolls around, a popular destination is the Bahamas. The Bahamas is great for the all-inclusive option. Students can enjoy the sun, perfect sand, dancing, music, drinks and the Caribbean culture. At a typical spring break, you will find students lounging on the beach or hanging out in the water during the day. By nightfall, the party has begun. The nightclubs become incredibly popular as they are jam packed the entire month of Spring Break!

Part of the reason why you should consider the Bahamas is because of the cost. The Bahamas is an inexpensive location, perfect for a student’s wallet. To get the most for your money, you will want to stay at an all-inclusive hotel or resort. Students will benefit because it includes beautiful accommodations, various types of meals and all types of beverages: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You get all of this for one “all in” cost. All inclusive is so popular that it is now the norm for any Spring Break destination.

Prices for hotels and resorts depend on where they are. Since people want to travel to the tropical areas, hotels will set prices that individuals can afford, which brings in more business. You will be shocked to learn just how cheap it is to stay in the Bahamas. The only hassle is getting there as flights can be somewhat expensive.

Depending on which hotel or resort you choose, some will feature stores, restaurants and a variety of other accommodations. Nightclubs and spas have become very popular amenities at ta variety of resorts in the Bahamas. This is why an all-inclusive is a great choice. This way, you won’t have to go out and spend more money. Students will also enjoy the beach volleyball, tennis, wake-boarding, paddle-boards and many other activities that their hotel may have to offer. All of this helps to make Spring Break a hassle free trip! Staying on hotel grounds also keeps you safe as some topical destinations have rough areas that American’s are told to stay away from.

The cities in the Bahamas are beautiful and a perfect destination for those heading off for spring break. The top cities students travel to are Freeport and Nassau. They have a variety of hotels and resorts that will easily fit your spring break plans and budget. Both cities are known for their flawless beaches, hospitable people, and amazing activities all day. We have never encountered a person who went to the Bahamas and did not like the views and scenery. It really is a tropical paradise!

girls dancing on the beach

So remember, an all-inclusive trip to Freeport or Nassau will allow you to swim with the dolphins, go snorkeling, diving, or kayaking and take part in a popular nightlife scene. Both locations offer gorgeous blue-green waters, great shops and an enjoyable time for all. Next time you are getting ready to discuss your college vacations plan, definitely consider a trip to the Bahamas! If you would like some more info, check out the official homepage of the Bahamas.

The Best Lawn Games for Outdoor Parties

Lawn games can help you entertain guests whenever you are hosting a tailgate, pool party, a BBQ, or a simple backyard get-together. Almost everyone knows how to play at least one lawn game. If any of your guests don’t, you can teach them quickly as most games can be learned quite easily. Through the use of many different lawn games, you can make sure that your outdoor parties entertain every guest who attends.

This article will introduce some of the most popular lawn games that exist today.

First is horseshoes. This is a game played between two individuals (or two groups of two people). It involves two stakes and four iron horseshoes. The stakes act as the targets. The players will take turns throwing horseshoes at the stakes, which are roughly 40 feet apart. Points will be awarded based on where they land. You can find official rules almost anywhere online.

Second is badminton. This is perhaps one of the most energetic yard games out there. Although it is a rare choice for formal cocktail parties, it is a top pick for casual gatherings. This game involves a shuttlecock, lightweight rackets and a net. It can be played by two or four people. It is similar to volleyball but with a smaller net and rackets.

Third is ladder golf, also called ladder toss. This fun game is very similar to cornhole. It is played by tossing bolas (two balls linked by a thin cord) at a small ladder. The ladders have three rungs and each rung is worth different points. Often, the top rung gives 1 point, the middle rung gives 2 points, and the bottom rung gives 3 points. The points will be tallied once all of the bolas are tossed. The first team to 21 wins the game.Fourth is croquet. This is a fun game where colored balls are hit with a mallet. The players use mallets to drive the balls through a set of wickets (also called hoops). This game is an oldie but goodie!

Fifth is volleyball. Although volleyball requires a bigger area than most other lawn games, it is easy to set up. It is a very old and popular backyard game. Players enjoy making perfect serves and powerful smashes. The beauty of this game is that many people can play at the same time.

Last is bocce. This game is similar to bowls (a popular game in Britain) and pétanque (a well-known ball game in France). Traditionally, bocce is played on well manicured grass courts. The balls used can be made of plastic or metal. Players typically toss the ball underhanded so they can be precise with every throw.

kid playing baggo outside

Listed above are just 6 of the many popular games that exist. All of these are incredibly fun and can be seen at backyard and lawn parties across the nation. For every game listed above, you can find official rules and playing equipment at a number of different stores and websites.

So, the next time you are planning a party and want to incorporate some fun, try one of the fun party games mentioned above. If you are looking for other lawn games like cornhole, click here. You can view a ton of these and more at,,, and a few others! All of these sites offer tons of fun party games that the entire family can enjoy.

More Tailgate Party Ideas

So, you have become a pro at throwing the best tailgate parties right? Well, like anything else, there is always room to improve. Even if everyone loves your tailgates and you think have everything mastered, there are always ways to spice it up! This post will help you think outside the box a little bit and keep all of your party goers happy and always coming back for more.

For starters, if you really want to go all out and get creative, you can look up some drinks to serve. Once refreshing way to get drunk is to make fruit filled ice cubes, which is a tasty yet simple addition to any classic summer drink! If you deviate from the normal beer and soda mix, you may intrigue some people that wouldn’t even think to attend your event before.

2 Fun Tailgating Ideas

1. Decorations – Everyone loves a themed party because it’s an easy way to make things more interesting and get people excited. Now you can go as simple or extravagant with this one as you want. I’ve been to a few eccentric parties in the past with very elaborate themes and decorations. While simple beach or luau themes are definitely fun and usually memorable, there are plenty of other ways you can liven up your tailgate. This sounds obvious, but throw a team themed event. Mandate that everyone dresses up in a jersey or piece of clothing to represent their favorite team. This will get people’s juices flowing and ready for whatever big game you are going to attend!

Now I am no creative genius when it comes to this sort of thing, but I have enough experience with friends who do to suggest some ideas. Costumes are great, so even a simple pirate theme can be fin and interesting if everyone participates. After all, who doesn’t like rum? Going tacky is always good too! Dollar store summer decorations can really liven up the atmosphere and get everyone into the party mood.

2. Water Fights – Now I believe the inner child in all of us would be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy a good water fight every once in a while. From water guns to balloons, it’s easy to get everyone joking and laughing after a few good soakings. Fun for all ages, you will be surprised at how creative some people get at trying to get others wet! More importantly, everyone always appreciates the wet t-shirts!

Hopefully, your tailgate party is out in the sun and in a warm environment so you can all dry and cool off before heading into the stadium. If not, this type of party may not be for you!

Well, that is the end of my list of ideas for now. When it comes down to it, we all love to play games and relax when tailgating, so hopefully some of these suggestions will get you and your friends in the right mindset for the rest of your football season. Here are some other great tailgating ideas to consider.

Some Cool Tailgating Tips

What is the one thing that all fans think about during a game other than the game itself? It’s the partying that takes place before the game. These festivities are commonly referred to as tailgate parties. This is because they usually happen in the stadium parking lot, on the tailgates of vehicles that were driven to the game. Don’t be fooled, you don’t need a pickup or SUV to have a tailgate party. You just need a lot of enthusiasm and a few friends. If you’re going to one of these parties before the game (or even after), here are a few thing you should keep in mind.

Great Tailgating Tips to Consider

Show up early
This will give you time to set up and get everything going before you head in to watch the actual game. You should allow yourself at least three or four hours for a good party. If the party before the game wasn’t enough for you, you can always come back afterwards and pick up right where you left off.

Be sure to find a good parking spot
This doesn’t have to be close to the stadium entrance. In fact, it might be better to find a spot at the edge of the parking lot, especially if there is plenty of space to set-up. This will allow your party to spread out farther than just a couple of adjacent parking spots. If such a spot is not available, consider carpooling with a couple of friends. Multiple vehicles parking together ensures that you will have ample space for your tailgate.

Always know the rules
This goes for the rules of the game as well as the stadium and its surrounding area(s). Some parking lots may charge for the best spots. It would be wise to figure out potential parking fees when working out a budget for your party. If the event is a college game, make sure they allow alcohol at the location. Some campuses are dry and it would be a good idea to know before hand.

Work out the details beforehand
Get together with your friends and whoever else you plan on inviting and work out the details of the party. Make lists of what you are planning to bring and serve. Plenty of prior planning prevents a poor party. Pack as much as you can the day before the event. This will give you plenty of time to double check to be sure you’re not forgetting anything. In the event that something is forgotten, be sure to write it down so you don’t forget it next time!

Leave yourself time to cleanup
Don’t forget to leave yourself time to clean up after the party. If your party is pre-game, give yourself at least an hour to get the area cleaned up before heading into the stadium. This means bagging up your trash, packing away any leftovers, and most importantly, making sure your cooking surface has cooled down. If you are using a charcoal grill, bringing a metal bucket to dump the coals in is a good idea. You can also use the melted ice from your coolers to make sure the coals are completely out. If you plan on continuing the party post game, you may have a bit more time. But, remember to check and find out whether or not the parking lot has a closing time.

Tailgate Like a Professional With These Tips

Remember to keep these things in mind when planning your next party. They could help save the day and maybe even get you invited back to the next one! If you plan accordingly, you will more than likely execute properly. This will allow you to provide a fun and exciting time for all, but more importantly a safe time for everyone you party with. Until next time, happy tailgating! I also wanted to share this video with you to give you even more tips!

Tailgate Cornhole

I hope you liked my first post on tailgating and the fun I have partying. I wanted to share with you some more information on tailgate toss, cornhole, baggo or whatever you call it. This is another fantastic game that can be seen anywhere!

More importantly, you will certainly see this game at just about every football tailgate party you ever attend. It is specifically prominent in the south where customized team boards and college logos dominate. I cannot even begin to inform you about how many awesome various designs we have actually seen. You certainly have to start heading to some big-time football tailgate events to see on your own!

Easiest Way to Play Cornhole

All you have to is toss a beanbag into a hole on a board about 20ft away. It really is that simple. It sounds like the game would not be much fun, but I guarantee it is some of the most fun you can have playing games outside. You will lounge around with friends, enjoying some brews and good conversation as you chuck the bags back and forth. There are official rules to the game, but I won’t get into that now.

You should easily be able to locate all kinds of boards with sports logos, party images and much more. A quick Google search will definitely show you just how many versions there truly are out there!

As soon as you have you your boards and you prepared to go, start playing! The common round is going to consist of a player chucking 4 times with a ten second rest between; this game may be played with doubles as well. Any team that passes a cornhole bag through the hole will instantly be granted points. Any bags that come down on the board are also qualified to get points, depending on how many bags there are and how close they are to the hole. There will definitely be no points for bags that do not stay on the board. You can also search on Google for regulation rules to learn the conventional way of playing and see how other people play.

The Amazingly Fun game of Tailgate Toss

As you can see, the game of cornhole is a good way to have fun with your close friends. This low-cost game can supply hours of satisfaction in nearly any weather. Have a fun time with this wonderful back garden game and be sure to share the fun with all of your friends and family.

family playing cornhole in the backyard

As I previously mentioned, I am an avid tailgater and huge fan of a number of great games. I do love beer pong the most, but baggo as I call it is a very close second! If you are in need of some details on where you can purchase items, you have actually come to the best place. We are good friends with lots of suppliers and professionals who can help you get the perfect cornhole board for your every need!

My Tailgate Blog

Welcome to my blog! As an avid Seahawks and Oregon Ducks fan (Odd mix I know), I wanted to create a site to share my experiences with all of you. I am a Seattle native and have been in love with football, both college and NFL since I was a young boy. I have always loved the Seattle Seahawks and grew up an Oregon Ducks fan as that is where my father went to school.

people tailgating before a game
Through my life and travels, I have actually discovered many things about NFL and NCAA organizations and also their supporters! I am avid tailgater and am interested in sharing what I have been through and some awesome products I use to tailgate before nearly every Seahawks and Ducks games. Please click the contact me page above if you have any questions or would like to learn more about anything I write about on this blog. Enjoy!

Tailgate Parties in Seattle

Tailgate partying, which started in the states is a social event linked primarily to NFL and college football, where people get together to live it up before the game. There is not a professional arena in the nation that lacks a lot of pre-game parties. Each and every arena is thriving with activity just before every single game. The exact same goes for every single NCAA football stadium too!

These affairs are usually held outside of the arena with tons of people, lots of chairs and also tents to cater to everyone. Parking lots at arenas and stadiums provide the best place for these events. If you have never been to one, you will truly be amazed the first time you see everyone enjoying themselves together.

I love all of the tailgating festivities that take place before my Seahawks play. Nearly every Sunday, I venture out to CenturyLink Field hours before the big game to prepare. I have a ton of family members and friends that all come and enjoy eating, drinking and playing party games before we go in to watch our Seattle Seahawks dominate!

Fun Tailgate Party Games

Whenever people get together to tailgate, there is always drinking and of course drinking games involved. One of the most popular games to play is beer pong, as it is incredibly easy, fun and can be enjoyed by all. I have become a beer pong champion over the last number of years. I am also a dedicated cornhole player as well as ladder toss and a variety of other games.

I will periodically post on this blog about cool products that I have come across and used, like beer pong tables, cornhole games and other tailgate toss games that have grown in popularity. For all of you dedicated fans out there, I will post some links to stores that I use so you can get your own. I even have places to find all of these great products with your favorite team logos on them!

Contact Me About Tailgating

Like I said before, I have been tailgating my entire life. I am just now sitting down to write about it and share my experiences with all of you. I want each and everyone who reads this blog to get involved, support their team and have a great time while doing it!

Thanks in advance for checking out my site and let me know if you have any questions that I may be able to help you with! In the meantime, check out this phenomenal video on tailgating in Seattle.