Bring Your Dog to The Next Tailgate

Everybody loves to take their dog to their tailgate, but there are several simple ways to ensure that the situation is safe for your pet, and the people that it might encounter.

If you have an animal that you think has the personality to do well in the overwhelming environment of a tailgate, there are several things that you must plan for before bringing your furry friend to the parking-lot party.

First, do not forget to pack food and drinks for your pet, as well as yourselves. Many tailgaters often forget food and water for their animals and are forced to feed them from the selection of human foods that were packed. Even if your dog often partakes in scraps from your table, the sheer quantity of greasy food that it might consume over the course of the tailgate is enough to make it sick. The last thing that you want to spend your time cleaning when you should be cheering for your team is a pile of dog vomit in the middle of a high-traffic area.

puppy at the tailgate party

Water, and a bowl, might be the most common item that pet owners forget when preparing for a tailgate. Yes, your pet needs a bowl for their water. Lapping occasionally out of a water bottle will not keep your dog hydrated. Dehydration is extremely common in animals taken on day-trips, especially during days of extreme hot or cold weather.

Clean-up baggies are the next item that many owners forget. If your pet needs to relieve themselves, you need to clean it up. Nothing starts a tailgate brawl faster than an angry rival that just stepped in your dog’s mess. Keeping the tailgating space clean is beneficial to all of the people that are trying to enjoy their parties.
Finally, keep your pet on a leash. Even if your dog is normally the prime example of responsive training, a tailgate can be a hotbed of temptation. Food, trash, crowds, and other animals might be enough excitement to draw your pet away from your side. Searching for a missing dog at a packed tailgate is a task that is best to be avoided at all costs.

Overall, bringing your furry buddy with you during your party extravagance can be an awesome experience. Dogs often thrive on the excitement and attention that they get in large crowds of people. Just be sure that you are fully prepared before bringing a pet to a tailgate. Keep their safety and health at the forefront of your mind as you pack so that you can both enjoy a high-energy day!