Beer for Hydration?

As most people already know, many of us do not need an excuse to drink a beer, ever. We can easily crack open a cold one to celebrate a team victory, moral victory, work victory or to drown sorrows from a big loss. A beer can be a great reward after a long day of work and an awesome way to forget a bad one. Did you know that it can also be a great way to hydrate after a workout? There are obviously a lot of critics out there, but this article will help to explain why it may be beneficial to drink a beer after working out.

The first thing a beer can do is re-hydrate. This is one is hard to get past the critics as most of the time, beer dehydrates you and depletes your body of water and other essential fluids. As it turns out, there are actually some benefits to drinking one beer after a bike ride or other type of workout. Now, something with electrolytes is still the best for you, but beer is definitely better for you than just plain water. The sugars and salts in beer will help you absorb fluids more efficiently than water alone.

Believe it or not, beer can also promote muscle growth. When you work out, your muscles break down and must be built back up post-workout. A post-workout beer can have many benefits as beer as many antioxidants as red wide, which ultimately can help muscles recover. It also has great pain relieving qualities that can take your focus off any aches or pains in your muscles.

Similar to wine, there are also a lot of benefits to have one beer every single day. Now, you don’t want to go overboard, but one can a day can be great for your health. It can help strengthen your heart, bones and it can also boost brain health to prevent things like Alzheimer’s and dementia. It also has a number of mental, sexual and physical positives.

Quite possibly the best thing about beer is what it can do to you mentally. It is simply a way to unwind, relax and forget about the everyday pressures of life. It can help you socialize and quench your thirst at the same time. If you are active and are looking for another great way to re hydrate after a nice workout, you might want to consider mixing a beer in with all of the supplements and electrolytes you normally take. Who knows, you may even find that it helps you re-hydrate more than anything else. More importantly, if you love beer, do your best to drink at least one a day as it can have numerous benefits on your body.

Beer App For Your Phone

In case you haven’t already noticed, technology enables us to stay connected to our family and friends in ways that we never could before. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have been developed to allows to share almost anything instantly. Cell phones have also advanced to smartphones, which now allows us to use all of this media on the go. These phones allow you to download a variety of applications that all serve a different purpose. One of the greatest apps out there is called Beer! By Hungry Machine. If you are an avid beer drinking and enthusiast, this app may be perfect for you

As we mentioned, there are many different types of Facebook and mobile applications. These applications are created to help you personalize your social media account or smartphone. They can help you stay organized, find businesses and services close by, and do cool things like teach you about beer and other awesome food and beverages.

cool beer app for your phone

If you browse the food and drink category on any platform, you can find the great beer application. This fascinating app allows you to keep track of your favorite brands and even send virtual rounds to your friends. This is a fun way to share a beer with someone who maybe doesn’t drink, or lives incredibly far away. If you have to work late and miss that next event, a virtual beer is a great way to say sorry! You can also send some virtual gifts to anyone who is celebrating a birthday or other special event, or simply just to say hello.

If you are a true beer enthusiast, this app can also educate you on a wide variety of beers. It has information about brewing, ingredients, recipes and much more. It is a great way to learn how your favorite beers are made and what is in them. It is also a great way to discover new beers and up and coming breweries. If you are looking to try some beer and have no idea where to start, this app is perfect.

The next time you are out with some friends and someone hesitates when ordering a beer, simply whip out this app and help them find a beer that will suit their needs. The great thing about modern technology is that all of this is constantly at our disposal. Nearly everyone has a smartphone or some device that can allow them to look things up on the spot. So, if you are a true beer enthusiast, or want to have a great app about beer on your phone, it is highly recommended that you take a look at this awesome program.

Bring Your Dog to The Next Tailgate

Everybody loves to take their dog to their tailgate, but there are several simple ways to ensure that the situation is safe for your pet, and the people that it might encounter.

If you have an animal that you think has the personality to do well in the overwhelming environment of a tailgate, there are several things that you must plan for before bringing your furry friend to the parking-lot party.

First, do not forget to pack food and drinks for your pet, as well as yourselves. Many tailgaters often forget food and water for their animals and are forced to feed them from the selection of human foods that were packed. Even if your dog often partakes in scraps from your table, the sheer quantity of greasy food that it might consume over the course of the tailgate is enough to make it sick. The last thing that you want to spend your time cleaning when you should be cheering for your team is a pile of dog vomit in the middle of a high-traffic area.

puppy at the tailgate party

Water, and a bowl, might be the most common item that pet owners forget when preparing for a tailgate. Yes, your pet needs a bowl for their water. Lapping occasionally out of a water bottle will not keep your dog hydrated. Dehydration is extremely common in animals taken on day-trips, especially during days of extreme hot or cold weather.

Clean-up baggies are the next item that many owners forget. If your pet needs to relieve themselves, you need to clean it up. Nothing starts a tailgate brawl faster than an angry rival that just stepped in your dog’s mess. Keeping the tailgating space clean is beneficial to all of the people that are trying to enjoy their parties.
Finally, keep your pet on a leash. Even if your dog is normally the prime example of responsive training, a tailgate can be a hotbed of temptation. Food, trash, crowds, and other animals might be enough excitement to draw your pet away from your side. Searching for a missing dog at a packed tailgate is a task that is best to be avoided at all costs.

Overall, bringing your furry buddy with you during your party extravagance can be an awesome experience. Dogs often thrive on the excitement and attention that they get in large crowds of people. Just be sure that you are fully prepared before bringing a pet to a tailgate. Keep their safety and health at the forefront of your mind as you pack so that you can both enjoy a high-energy day!

Alcoholic Pudding – A New Tailgate Treat

Regulars to the party scene are familiar with Jell-O shots and the convenience that they provide in terms of easy distribution and travel durability. However, there is a lesser-known relative of the Jell-O shot that can pack just as much punch with twice the fun. Introducing the pudding shot!

Pudding shots are often prepared with the same conceptualization as a Jell-O shot. A portion, usually half, of the recipe’s water is replaced with liquor. Once cooled, they have a smoother, creamier texture than the Jell-O shot and also tend to have a less astringent taste. This makes it an excellent choice for drinkers who do not prefer a strong alcohol profile. The only downside is that they do require more refrigeration than the Jell-O and therefore need to remain cool throughout the party. Placing them on ice is more than enough of a temperature reduction to allow the pudding to maintain its thick texture.

While Jell-O shots are traditionally replaced with Vodka, or other clear liquors whose taste will be masked by the fruity flavor, pudding shots are often designed to enhance the flavor of the alcohol. For example, butterscotch flavored pudding with Kahlua or a crème liquor makes a delightful treat. Flavored vodkas, most notably caramel or cherry, with chocolate or vanilla pudding can create a multi-layers flavor palette that is sure to please your guests.

shot glasses filled with pudding

Like Jell-O shots, dollops of the alcoholic pudding can be placed in disposable condiment containers (with lid). They can then be consumed by squeezing the contents from the cup, or with small dessert spoons.

Additionally, alcoholic pudding goes the extra mile in a way that raises this party pleaser above its competition. This sweet treat can be used in many of the same ways as traditional pudding. This means that it can be drizzled over brownies and other desserts. Crumbled Oreos, pretzels, or brownie bits can be added to the mix so that the desserts are both rich, and potent. With alcoholic pudding, even your menu can pack a punch.

If you are looking for something new, and exciting, to keep your guests impressed with your use and knowledge of alcohol preparation, look no further. Try pudding shots for your next event and discover a delectable treat that can be enjoyed as a dessert and a shot.

The Key to Awesome Pool Parties: Preparation

If you are fortunate enough to own your own pool, or live in a complex where this is one, you already have the most important ingredient to host a pool party. Obviously, there is a big more to it than just the physical pool, but you cannot host one without it! This great article will teach you all about the most important part of planning any event, which is preparation.

By nature, pool parties are extremely casual, so no formal invitations are required. However, if you are trying to host an elegant event, that will definitely add a nice personal touch. At the very least, a nice text message or email to all of your friends is a great way to hype it up. If you have a large enough area to entertain a lot of people, invite anyone and everyone you can think of.
Once you have a general idea of who will be attending, you can then decide on the food, drinks, toys and party games to supply. One of the best things you can do is get the barbecue grill out and prepare some great food for everyone in attendance. Grilling is the most popular method for cooking food at any backyard or outdoor party, so pool parties are no exception.

You will need to plan and budget accordingly for all of the food and booze, as you do not want to purchase a lot when you only have a small crowd coming over. At the same time, you don’t want to be stingy and only purchase a little bit of each when you are planning on having a lot of people over. If you get an idea of the headcount beforehand, you can easily budget for the correct amount of food, booze and other necessities.

Another important thing to note is that you will want to create a cooking schedule ahead of time. This way, you can make sure that you prepare food in a timely manner and can feed everyone when they want to eat. Prepare as much as you can in advance. You can skewer and marinate any meats, slice hamburger buns and toss the salads and Cole slaw. This is a simple way to alleviate any additional stress when the day of the party arrives.

If you are on a tight budget or are not hosting a huge event, you can throw a pool party without serving a meal. If you do this, make sure there are plenty of snacks on hand to keep all of your guests fueled for fun. You will definitely want to make sure there are plenty of hydrating drinks in addition to alcohol. People love to booze and have a good time, but they also need to hydrate. If you are really on a budget, you can get your own inflatable beer pong table for less than $50 and have your friends play beer pong in the pool all day long. People will enjoy coming to your parties if you have fun party games, good snacks and a decent supply of booze.

Remember, you do not have to overthink the pool party. A sunny day, some snacks and beverages and good company will make a memorable event. Regardless of how much you want to plan, preparing ahead of time will allow you to enjoy your party that much more. This means you will get to dive right in and get wet!

The Art of Beer Pong

For many years, college students across the United States have been engaging in a wide variety of games and activities, many of these including alcohol. Often referred to as drinking games, these activities take the appeal of alcohol and combine it with the fun, spirit and competitiveness of a game.

Though there is a wide variety of drinking games played at college parties, there are only a few of them that are well-known. One of the most competitive and well-known games, beer pong, creates so much excitement among players and spectators alike, it has become more of a sport then a drinking game. It has increased in popularity over the years and can be seen at every college in the United States!

Beer pong is played by two teams, comprised of one to two players per team. Each team has ten plastic cups laid out in the shape of a triangle. The cups are each filled with a few ounces of beer. Water can be an alternative to beer, although it is normally less fun without the presence of alcohol. The purpose of the game is to throw a ping pong ball across the table into your opponents’ cups. Players take turns throwing the ping pong balls until all of one teams cups have been removed from the table.

When you have landed a ping pong ball into your opponents’ cup, your opponent is required to drink the contents of the cup. After a few balls have landed into the cups, the players will start to feel intoxicated. For some, the feeling of intoxication makes getting the balls into the cups much more difficult. For others, it becomes easier. As the players drink more, the game tends to become more competitive and more appealing for spectators.

Teamwork, persistence and the ability to hold copious amounts of alcohol are very important to succeed in this game. Ultimately, the most important thing needed to being a good beer pong player is skill. Beer pong, much like golf, archery, skeet shooting and even tennis, requires accuracy and consistency. While most drinking games come down to sheer luck, beer pong is one that a good player can consistently win at.

At almost every college party you are sure to find at least one beer pong game in play. Even if you aren’t interested in playing, it is definitely worth watching. You can pick up on some of the rules and ways to play the game, as well as learn how much fun it actually is. Much like sports, it is a game where friendships are made and rivalries are formed. Get out there and see for yourself today! Here is a great article on how you can win at beer pong!

How to Make Partying Fun

College life is a lot of work. After a long week of classes and studying, there is nothing better than spending the weekend relaxing before doing it all again next week. While you can’t party every weekend, a well-planned party can be a great way to have a relaxing and memorable weekend. Before hosting a party, there are many factors to consider to ensure your guests, and you, have the best time possible.

First and foremost, you need to know what your budget is going to be for the party. This is going to help you know what you can spend on a venue, food, music and type of party. If you are working with a small budget, consider having the party at your house or at a friend’s house. If you have the finances renting a hall is a good option if you want to have a larger party. Your venue will dictate the number of people you can invite. You don’t want it to be too crowded or too empty.

partying at a nightclub

When planning the menu and music, keep in mind that people have different preferences. Play music from a few different genres so everyone can listen to something they enjoy. Also try to serve a few different types of foods, to ensure everyone will find something they life. Appetizers and desserts are a good way to have a variety of foods without a large expense. When thinking about drinks, have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options so no one feels left out. Parties are fun when there is alcohol but not everyone drinks and some people don’t want to get drunk, but just want to get tipsy and have a good time. Those who don’t drink can take photos and tell the story of the party the next day.

If you are really looking to spice things up, break out the beer pong table or cornhole boards and start a tournament. These are two very popular drinking games that everyone loves to play. They are the perfect way to keep everyone social, involved and enjoying themselves all night long.

It is important for everyone to have a good time. That includes you at the host. Don’t overwork yourself, or you won’t be able to enjoy the party. Take charge of the party, but get help from friends. You can delegate duties like cooking, cleaning, decorations and invitations. Partying is there for everyone to enjoy, make sure everyone feels safe and welcome and you are sure to have a successful party that everyone will remember for a long time.

How to Have a Memorable Spring Break


College students, it is almost that time of year. The time when all of your worries are gone and you are venturing off to a foreign land for Spring Break. Enjoy your time being away from your parents, school, your dorm room and anything else that you need a break from. You will meet new people, soak up the sun, sip on some tropical beverages and forgot about everything else.

Even though we are not quite there yet, you need to get a head start on your trip if you want it to be the most memorable one yet. You will want to figure out where you will be traveling to so that you can discover some fun and safe activities to take part in. Before you head off on your big trip, here are few things you should consider and take care of.

spring break poster

First, you want to pick the best destination in your price range. It is important for students to stick to a budget, so you need to know the cost of everything involved. Stuff like food, booze, excursions and more can get expensive if you do not budget properly. Some great areas include: Florida, Cancun, Bahamas, South Padre Island, Arizona and many more.

Next, you want to make sure to pack wisely. Gather everything you need a few days beforehand so you are not scrambling to pack the day of your flight, or drive. Check the weather forecast so you can be prepared and only bring clothing that you will need. Make sure to pack that swimsuit, beach essentials and club clothes. Make sure you leave nothing behind.

After packing, look for some additional travel deals. A lot of times you can find some last minute bargains on trips and excursions that have completely filled up. There are many sites like Expedia and Travelocity that can help with this. These potential deals can help you save money, or budget a little more for some booze and fun activities when you are there.

Lastly, know how much to spend. You can have an amazing trip without spending your entire life savings. Be sure to do your research and check the deals. Groupon is another great site for this. You can find a variety of coupons for restaurants, bars, excursions and more. So, if you take the time and combine all of these tips together, you will have the most memorable Spring Break yet.

Great Summer Party Tips

School is almost out which means summertime is quickly approaching. This means one important thing; lots of outdoor parties are about to take place. People who love to entertain will tell you they try to have at least 3-4 casual backyard parties with close friends and family every summer. If you are thinking about entertaining this upcoming summer, here some important things to pay attention to.

The first thing you should always take into consideration is what you will do if there is inclement weather. Many people like to set up tents, awnings or have cover and shelter outside their homes. This is especially crucial if you live in an area where it rains frequently. Partying outdoors is awesome, but only if you have shelter if the weather changes. You can even buy blowup canopies and tents that make set-up a breeze. These are also great to provide shelter from the hot sun.

Another great tip is to offer a cooling station, a table that is specifically set up help people cool off. You could have cold towels on ice, a variety of cold beverages and some fans. This will help everyone stay cool and have a chance to get out of the sun. Partying outdoors is great, but you need to be careful of things like sun burn and sun poisoning as they can ruin any event. You also want to make sure everyone stays hydrated as the sun is very powerful and can your body of fluids very quickly.

It is also imperative to have some sort of bug and insect repellent. No matter where you live, there are always pesky bugs in the summer time. Mosquitoes are the worst as they can carry bacteria and viruses. You can easily get some citronella candles, some gas bombs or other types of spray repellents to keep everyone bug free. Make sure to keep all of your food covered so you can keep the bugs away from it. Insect bites and insects on your food can make or break your party.

The most important tip to operating a successful party is to plan ahead of time. Get a head count of how many people you think will be coming. This will give you enough time to get the right amount of food and beverages. It will also let you know how many people you will have to cater to and entertain. This way, you can prepare dishes prior to the event and keep your party stress free. You should be prepared for every possible scenario so you can focus on entertaining your guests.

Be mindful of the tips mentioned above and you will be able to entertain your friends for years to come. Summertime is almost here, so gear up and prepare to start throwing your own backyard parties. You will be amazed at how much your friends will love coming to your house to party.

Great Beer Pong Tips and Tricks

Beer pong as become one of the most popular drinking games in the world. It is a very common college drinking game played at fraternity parties and all other types of party events. The game was said to have started in the 1950’s and has increased in popularity both on and off college campus around the world. It can be a challenging game, but you follow these basic rules, you can develop your skills and learn to be a master.

guy throwing a beer pong ball

Typically, a game of pong starts with 6 or 10 cups arranged in a triangle on either side of the table. There are usually two teams of two players. Each team takes turns tossing or bouncing a ping pong ball at the opposing cups. When a ball lands in a cup, a defending player will drink the contents of that cup and remove it from the table. A team wins when they make all of the cups on the other side of the table.

One great tip in this game is to collaborate with your partner on a round of “rapid fire” shots. The defenders will need to be alert as balls will be flying in their direction. If both balls land in the same cup, it is automatically game over. So, the defenders need to be aware and remove a cup as soon as a ball lands in it. If the balls land in two separate cups, the team that threw the balls gets them back and gets another turn.

Another great idea is to utilize the bounce shot. Typical beer pong rules allow defenders to swap and deflect balls that have made contact with the table before going in the cups. Because of this rule, bounce shots are not always used during the game. Since they are easier to guard, successful bounce shots mean 2 cups get eliminated from the table. If the shooter is aware of a distracted defender, this is the perfect time to bounce.

Another idea is to utilize the bounce shot. Generally, beer pong rules allow defenders to deflect balls that have made contact with the table, cup, or other surfaces in playing areas. Due to this rule, bounce shots are not always used during the game. Since they are easier to guard, successful bounce shots require each defender to remove a cup to drink. If a shooter is aware the defender is distracted, bounce shots a great choice to try and remove two cups!

In case you haven’t noticed, you need to always be on alert. The effects of drinking beer becoming increasingly noticeable as the game drags on. Coordinating with your partner to know who is watching the cups will lower the probability of someone bouncing on you. This will also prevent spilled cups and missed deflections. Pay attention to the game and you will all set,

The last tip is to be smart about re-racking. This is realignment of cups after some are eliminated. Depending on what rules you are using, there are a variety of racks that each team is allowed during game play. A good trick is re-rack cups somewhat to the right or left of center, as this makes it visually harder for your opponents to make a shot.

Pay close attention to the tips mentioned above and you could be a beer pong master in no time. It is a fascinating game that has gained worldwide popularity over the last number of years. It is a staple of the American party scene and can been seen at parties, tailgates and BBQ’s across the country. The best thing about this game is that it is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future!