The Art of Beer Pong

For many years, college students across the United States have been engaging in a wide variety of games and activities, many of these including alcohol. Often referred to as drinking games, these activities take the appeal of alcohol and combine it with the fun, spirit and competitiveness of a game.

Though there is a wide variety of drinking games played at college parties, there are only a few of them that are well-known. One of the most competitive and well-known games, beer pong, creates so much excitement among players and spectators alike, it has become more of a sport then a drinking game. It has increased in popularity over the years and can be seen at every college in the United States!

Beer pong is played by two teams, comprised of one to two players per team. Each team has ten plastic cups laid out in the shape of a triangle. The cups are each filled with a few ounces of beer. Water can be an alternative to beer, although it is normally less fun without the presence of alcohol. The purpose of the game is to throw a ping pong ball across the table into your opponents’ cups. Players take turns throwing the ping pong balls until all of one teams cups have been removed from the table.

When you have landed a ping pong ball into your opponents’ cup, your opponent is required to drink the contents of the cup. After a few balls have landed into the cups, the players will start to feel intoxicated. For some, the feeling of intoxication makes getting the balls into the cups much more difficult. For others, it becomes easier. As the players drink more, the game tends to become more competitive and more appealing for spectators.

Teamwork, persistence and the ability to hold copious amounts of alcohol are very important to succeed in this game. Ultimately, the most important thing needed to being a good beer pong player is skill. Beer pong, much like golf, archery, skeet shooting and even tennis, requires accuracy and consistency. While most drinking games come down to sheer luck, beer pong is one that a good player can consistently win at.

At almost every college party you are sure to find at least one beer pong game in play. Even if you aren’t interested in playing, it is definitely worth watching. You can pick up on some of the rules and ways to play the game, as well as learn how much fun it actually is. Much like sports, it is a game where friendships are made and rivalries are formed. Get out there and see for yourself today! Here is a great article on how you can win at beer pong!